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We work with CEOs, board members, business unit heads, team leaders and other executives and their teams in corporations, professional service firms, government and not-for-profit organisations. Their defining feature is that they need others to commit fully to their ideas or strategies.

Are some of these statements true for you?

"As CEO I need my next-level managers to own our strategy and drive it through their teams. How do I get them to buy-in? I'm just not getting the commitment I need."

"I direct a team of that is accountable for whole-of-government technology roll-outs of several large technology projects. We just are not getting the co-operation from other departments whose support we need to make this work. How can I build the skills and the strategy to make this happen?"

"As a Board chairperson of several large service corporations, I need to develop a personal reputation for leadership in strategic change. My peers see me as capable in other arenas, but haven't recognised my achievements in the area most important to me."

"I run a medium-size professional practice that competes well with the big dogs when we get the chance. How can we earn our place as a leader in our field, so we become consultants of choice with the people who count in our market?"

"As a senior corporate executive, I give many speeches to groups important to me and my company. My audiences are polite, but I don't move people to action like a few speakers I most respect. How can I develop and project ideas that will transform my public speaking into a powerful reputation builder?"

"My team is a staff function and we struggle to get the attention and co-operation we need from peers and the executive team. How can we build our influence so we can make a greater contribution to the company's progress?"

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if.

You are good at what you do, and are determined to gain the support and commitment of others to your mutual interest.

You are ambitious, intelligent, value ideas and need the support of others to make a difference.

You are prepared to learn and use what science and experience tells us about the secrets of winning hearts and minds to our causes.

You have high integrity, honesty and duty of care for others.

How we work.

When you work with us, expect to see desirable and sustainable changes such as:

You will get buy-in and commitment from your next level down managers . They will fully buy-in to your strategies. They will initiate and innovate and in support of your goals.

You and your your team will develop the skills and strategies to earn the active co-operation of external groups and organisations whose support you need. You will earn their full attention, then their support for your directions.

You and your organisation will earn the reputation among peers as a leader in your field. Conference organisers will ask you to keynote; reporters will ask you to comment; and your most important peers will look to you for direction.

The biggest and most desirable prospects in you professional service market will see your firm as consultants of choice in your core practice area. The best prospects will come to you because they understand you lead the field.

Audiences will respond to your speeches with appreciation and acclaim, and take action to support your ideas. Your speeches and presentations will attract praise and requests for more. Others will quote your words as you frame the issues that matter in your industry.

Your staff function and team will earn the attention, respect and co-operation of line managers and peer functions. Line managers will recognise that you see the big picture, and will seek out and value your views. You will better contribute to decision-making in your organization.

Our approach

We work with you to understand who are the relatively few groups and individuals who will make the most difference to you. Then we probe to understand what makes them tick, what are their most compelling issues, what they care most about.

Then together we refine and develop the ideas, messages and solutions that will move these groups and individuals to action, and work with you to implement for success.

There are no silver bullets. Just solid strategies and techniques proven in science and the field, implemented in various combinations until we succeed in our purposes. All cases are different, but even in difficult situations there usually ways forward.

Can we convert Greenpeace to become advocates of nuclear power? Or perhaps convert a political conservative to embrace socialism? No, undermining peoples' values hardly seems in their interest, even if it were possible. We work with clients on often difficult issues, but always search for a way for both client and target to find a solution that benefits both. That's the stuff of lasting value.




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