Do the right people fully support your ideas?
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Right now in hundreds of locations around the world people are saying no to products and ideas that they need:

  • Management teams are failing to grasp presentations on ideas and initiatives that they need.
  • Prospects are rejecting sales pitches for products and services that are right for them; and
  • Project leaders, chief executives, professionals and salespeople are frustrated by their failure to win hearts and minds to their mutual benefit.
Today's managers and leaders need to earn the support of people both inside and outside the organisation , whether they are staff, customers, suppliers, regulators, financiers, or community groups.

Yet, few do it well . Some provide more information to an already information-overloaded audience; forgetting that they work in the most over-communicated society in history. Others are disappointed when a purely rational appeal fails to arouse anyone's desire to take action.

The ability to persuade and sell ideas is learnable , and those who learn it have a crucial advantage over those who don't.

Just imagine the difference when:

  • You get buy-in and commitment from your next level down managers.
  • You and your team earn the active co-operation of external groups and organisations whose support you need.
  • You and your organisation earn the reputation among peers as a leader in your field.
  • The biggest and most desirable prospects in you professional service market will see your firm as consultants of choice in your core practice area.
  • Audiences will respond to your speeches with appreciation and acclaim, and take action to support your ideas.
  • Your staff function and team will earn the attention, respect and co-operation of line managers and peer functions.

Perhaps it is best summarised as follows:

" Geoff Kelly has displayed a keen understanding of the issues faced by CEOs in regard to meeting the challenges of wide-ranging public debate. The combination of this understanding and his ability to be well received by many stakeholders in that debate proved to be of great value."

Hugh M Morgan A.C.

Every day you see the failures of those who can't influence others, and the successes of those who can make their ideas stick. If you are ready to make a difference , please browse the information on this site, and get our article Stop telling and start influencing at the link below.

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